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Why use Facematt?



Launched in 2014, Facematt has proved to be a phenomenal success in the Retail and Commercial markets. We have put more than 110,000,000 out there enjoyed by people across 5 continents. Facematt & Face Mat is licensed to Paladone Ltd. for retail gift products and Ooba Toys for games & toys.

What we do

We at Facematt UK Ltd. concentrate on two commercial markets.

BESPOKE PROMOTIONAL FACEMATTS – Whether it’s products, venues, events, sport, TV, festivals, travel, charities, awareness campaigns, health etc. or even promotion companies promoting themselves…. there’s a place for Facematt everywhere. Better and more cost effective than TV, Leaflets, on-line ads, for promotion. “Take home and read “number – 84%…. and that’s before social media exposure!
The reason? It’s so easy to target your potential clients or audience; it’s fun, provides great theatre and happy memories and, most importantly, it’s a social media dream come true! Packed product also available on request. Go to “Bespoke/Wholesale” in main menu for details.

Display ready retail Facematt packets – We will have 10 ranges of Facematts in packets of 6 double-sided Matts, all bar coded and ready for display in retail shops or on line. Ideal for Party shops, Toy shops, Hen & Stag suppliers and general retail outlets. You may want to check out the web site for Gift Packs to. Here, go to “Bespoke/Wholesale” in main menu, then “Variant Packages” for more detail.

More info

Facematt UK Ltd. has worldwide design registrations, Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights and logos. Any infringement of any of the above may result in legal action. Please read our T’s & C’s for further detail including our technical measures in operation to detect infringements.
We are committed to product quality, design flexibility, reliability and client care. We also enjoy it! Take a good look at our site and try not to get too carried away with ideas ok.

Thanks for taking the time.

Andy & Ray.



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