Had a bright idea ?
Now what ?

Whether it’s just an idea, an invention, or a twist on something already around, we can help you move forward. Remember…there’s no such thing as a crazy idea!.

We don’t charge fees. We don’t want any shares.

We have been there, got the “T” shirt etc. It’s not easy…..but it is easier if you have help and guidance from the right people. We can listen to your ideas, advise on IP matters, and put them directly to the right people. The ones who can develop it, take it to market and pay you for the privilege….and it won’t cost you the Earth, if anything at all!

We are not master of all trades. Our market sectors are Retail gifts, Greetings Cards and Toys/Games. That’s it. Nothing else. Getting product to the market is difficult enough so we have to narrow our area of activity down to what we know best and have learnt the hard way!

The difference we make is that your idea will go straight to the market experts for their opinion. FREE. Not some outfit just making money out of you by promising the Earth. If it’s “got legs” and it’s taken further we can then start to discuss IP’s, returns etc. with all parties to ensure you get what’s due….not a one-off payment……a continuing income stream. They may take your idea and modify it. It’s still your idea!. You still get paid!

Contact:- Go to “Contact us” on this site. Tell us, roughly, what your invention/idea is without giving too much away! We will send you a signed Non-disclosure Agreement which is your legal protection at this stage. Further NDA’s may be needed if your idea gets some interest. Do it now. We can’t wait to be excited by your mind!

Please note we are NOT interested in anything of a Political, Religious, Protest Campaign or offensive nature.