Whether it’s products, venues, events, sport, TV, festivals, travel, charities, awareness campaigns, health etc. or even promotion companies promoting themselves…. there’s a place for Facematt everywhere. Better and more cost-effective than TV, Leaflets, on-line ads, for promotion. “Take home and read“ number – 84%…. and that’s before social media exposure!

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Already employed by some of the largest companies in Europe and further afield, Facematt offers maximum design flexibility using either our stock images or your own front images and leaves you free to add text, logos and any other messages you want to get across to your clients. Check out our stock images, commercial samples for ideas, and our prices.

If you want to use a Facematt image on advertising material the following applies for each individual single publication, screening or appearance in any media format: –


  • £5,000 – Printed newspaper/magazine
  • £5,000 – Flyers/leaflets
  • £5,000 – TV
  • £8,000 – Social Media advertising

Those fees do not apply when advertising Facematts for sale in any media format.

Bespoke Facematts are also available in packets of 6 with the typical image on the front with a logo and your own art/text on the reverse. Ideal for giveaways at events etc. Inserts can also be used.

As this offering is very dependant on your specific requirements we will work with you to produce exactly what you require. The minimum order quantity for this product is 5,000 packets. Prices depend entirely on your specific needs.

Email  or  with your initial enquiry and we will work with you from there.

Please proceed to Commercial Samples and see what is possible…


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